Article from the Web-magazine “Scandinavian Circus” :
"The Danish clown BonBon just returned from circus Krone in Germany is doing the reprise business in Arena and he is just funny. This year he also perform with an independent act together with his wife and partner Tiina from Finland. It is the same act as they performed with in circus Krone the - badminton act. It is not one of BonBons newest entrees but it is funny. In my opinion BonBon are going to be better and better. BonBon has been in Arena now for many many years and he is one of those kinds of clowns who amuse both the adults and the kids. This quality is very important that adults and kids can see two different kinds of humour in one character. BonBon is an extremely nice musician too but unfortunately it is very rare that he shows us his high level. BonBon has performed in many other Scandinavian circuses. Benneweis in 1992 and 1993. Merano in 1991 and 1996 (Norway). Maximum in 1994 (Sweden) and in Arena 1999 and again in 2001- 2009. Finlandia from 1986 too 1989 and again from 2010-2012".

Danish national Clowns
Bonbon & Tiina

Foto 2005: Christian Warrer


- 1st
Scandinavian Clowns at the Monte Carlo Festival ever.